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Composite Bonding Bexleyheath

Makeover your smile in an instant with composite bonding. Our professional dental team is happy to assist you to boost your confidence in your smile.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding is a very modest dental technique that can be used to remodel your smile. A tooth-coloured composite resin material is easily bonded and blended to your natural teeth to modify the form, shade, or colour of your teeth to produce an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Am I a suitable candidate for composite bonding?

Several factors will affect which treatment is best for you. Composite bonding is an excellent method for concealing dental surface damage, chips, fractures, broken teeth, and mild tooth misalignment. Where possible, we will provide a “mock-up” during your consultation so that you can see the potential finished product.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of composite bonding over porcelain veneers?

Veneers involve the partial removal of healthy tooth tissue to make room for their insertion. Veneers are also made in a lab, which adds to the time it takes to get your perfect smile.

Composite bonding, in general, necessitates less healthy dental tissue removal. Consequently, it is preferred, and it may be completed in one session for your convenience. There are certain disadvantages, such as porcelain being a more lasting material; therefore, it is essential to talk with your dentist about your dental habits before treatment.

Will whitening work on composite tooth bonding?

If you want to have your teeth whitened as part of your treatment with us or in the future, you must first have them whitened. Because standard whitening methods cannot lighten composite resin, we will first attain your desired tooth shade and then complete the composite bonding to match.