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Katy 200x300I am a patient of Dr Khan’s and now have amazing front teeth! Went for consultation to improve colour and straighten appearance of very old badly stained veneers. A treatment plan was drafted to customise my needs, this plan was very detailed and covered everything such as cost, time and explanation of procedure/teeth whitening. I enjoyed choosing the veneers colour at Knight dental design. I was very impressed with my personal care by Tony Knight. The process went so well, all finished amazing result SO happy! I wish i did this before now! So recommend the handmade veneers they give very natural result. Please don’t hesitate booking a consultation with Dr Khan. You will be delighted with the NEW YOU!

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Kelsey Again Before 300x200

Recently I have had RESTYLANE Dermal fillers injected into my lips to make them fuller. I liked the shape of my lips however they were very flat and kind of tucked under. Dr Khan advised me on how to enhance them to a reasonable size to. Pre op pictures were taken before so he knew exactly where to inject and what areas were more necessary for the filler.

I opted for just the upper lip as my lower lip was big enough and didn’t want to create a ‘trout pout’.

Topical anaesthetic cream was applied to my lip and dental block Kelsey Again After 300x200injection, I couldn’t feel a thing which from my perspective was great as well as Dr Khan as he could work calmly without me flinching or moving.

We used half a syringe of Restylane in my top lip, for now this was enough.

The outcome was great, a small amount of swelling was noticeable however nothing drastic! After 2 days I started to get used to the size of my lips as it can affect your speech or eating as it’s a different feeling to what you are used to. Dr Khan took pictures 2 weeks later and this is when we decided a top up would be necessary, there was definitely a difference however I did want more. We used the rest of the syringe of Restylane and again were pain free!

I am very happy with my lips now as they are symmetrical at a perfect size to suit my face. I would definitely go ahead with Dermal Fillers again once the treatment has worn off!

Miss Kelsey Hannon

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POST OP EDITED FINAL Crop 268x300I have always been conscious of my teeth and always wanted that “perfect smile”. In pictures I felt like my front tooth would always look as though it stood out compared to the rest and this made me feel conscious to show my teeth when smiling in pictures. I liked the shape and general appearance of my teeth but just wanted them straighter and more aligned. 

I saw Dr Younis for a cosmetic consultation and was advised that braces would be the best option for me and would be a lot more conservative of my natural healthy teeth compared to procedures like veneers. I decided to go ahead with the clear fixed braces, I was a bit worried about the appearance of what they would look like whilst having them on. Once they where fitted they felt like a bit of a mouth full at first but I quickly adapted to it, I was pleasantly surprised that they were barley noticeable in pictures and from a far. I was very pleased with the results; there was a noticeable difference within the first 2 weeks of having the braces on, in total I had the braces on for only 8 months with having them adjusted once every 4 weeks. I was very pleased with how quick the procedure took to get me to my desired result.

After having the braces off my friends and family were full of compliments and noticed how different my teeth and smile looked, I still get a lot of comments from people about having a nice smile and lovely teeth, I can now smile with confidence thanks to Dr Younis and the rest of the dental team at Crook Log Dental Practice.

Miss Katy Symonds


Katy 2

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“I have never been happy or confident about my smile since I was a little girl; I didn’t complete some orthodontic work to close the gaps and also cracked my front tooth in half leading to a crown. In my early twenties my then dentist tried to correct the gap by fitting an over large crown and for a number of years that was ok, not great but just ok. However both my children had extensive orthodontic work to correct misaligned teeth and it made me aware of how much things had changed and what was possible so I had a couple of tentative conversations with Dr Khan over the intervening years, but always had other things to spend the money on and it felt a selfish thing to do just to make me feel better. Eventually, in July this year, I finally felt that it was important enough for me to take the plunge and seriously explore what could be done. Dr Khan was so helpful and reassuring – I really didn’t want a Simon Cowell type transformation, I simply wanted a smile that I was proud of and didn’t require me to hide behind my hand or smile with my lips closed or any of the other tactics I had developed over the years to hide my smile. With his help, I was able to talk through the options and the desired outcome and arrive at the best solution for me. I couldn’t be happier with the result!

I felt able to ask questions, and was encouraged to think about whether clear braces were necessary (they weren’t for me), what my real concerns were and how likely it was that these could be corrected. I was given the chance to experience a wax up of the potential result which was the decider for me. I felt that if the final result was anything like the simple wax-up, I was definitely doing the right thing, and all along Dr Khan was confident and that gave me the confidence to go ahead.

It is really hard to put into words without sounding gushy, but I have spent so long regretting my smile and attempting to hide it, that now I feel a real sense of change. Naturally I am a happy smiley person and I enjoy laughing out loud, but before this I was always quick to put my hand over my mouth. At a family party the weekend after the work was finished, friends and family commented that I seemed happier and more smiley, they noticed something was different but no one realised I had changed my smile, they just saw someone who appeared happier, how amazing is that! I probably will get stopped by the police when I am driving at some point, I keep checking my teeth in the driver’s sun visor mirror, and it makes me smile every time I do, but probably isn’t so great for road concentration!

Professionally, I speak a lot in public at conferences and seminars etc, and in this digital age there is always a camera or a screen involved projecting an image of the speaker. This was beginning to affect my confidence but now, I don’t worry, I just smile my way through.

I think that most people want to get their general, routine Dentist appointment over and done with, so don’t interact too much with their dentist, dental nurse or support employees. I was a little worried that, for something as big as this felt to me, I would be just another patient going through the process (which I recognize that I am but this felt so much more than anything routine). However, my experience through this process couldn’t have been better, from the emails and phone calls reminding me of appointments, to the timetabling of treatment to meet my personal deadline and my work diary commitments, I felt that it was all about me and making sure I was not too inconvenienced and that I was satisfied and happy at each step of the treatment journey.

Mrs Land 300x200I would definitely recommend Dr Khan! Put your trust in him, talk to him about what you are worried about and what your desired outcome is. Be bold and make sure that you ask questions even dumb ones. It all helps get you the result that you want. As for the cost yes, it can be expensive, this sort of work is never going to be cheap but then I wouldn’t trust anyone who said it could be. However for the money that I have paid, I couldn’t have asked for a better result and everything I have said above is worth more than the money.

Thank you Dr Khan and the team. You have made all the difference to me!

I am not the only one in my household with a crooked smile anymore and that makes me so happy!!”
Mrs Joanne Land

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1 B“I had originally chipped my front tooth a long time ago and had it built up with a filling. Over the years, the filling had started to pick up staining and started to stand out more. I wanted to improve the appearance of this tooth and so discussed it with my dentist.

Dr Khan was very kind and explained all the options to me beforehand which we were then able to come to a decision as what to do.

I was initially nervous but Dr Khan was very reassuring and helped to explain the treatment very clearly. The treatment has made me more confident with the end product of the tooth rebuilding being much better than it was before.

It was such a pain-free process and the clinical team were kind and were always very nice. I would definitely recommend the treatment as the dentist rebuilding part of the tooth worked extremely well and it looks very realistic. I’d like to thank Dr Khan for his work!”
Kieran Shiret

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Green“During a recent holiday, I had a fall, landed on my chin and damaged my upper front teeth. The damage was too extensive for the dentist in Cyprus to repair, hence I visited Crook Log Dental Practice on my return to the UK. One of my front teeth had been pushed out of its socket with the trauma, making it difficult to eat, and 2 other teeth were severely broken.

My dentist was patient and reassuring during my emergency appointment, explaining the treatment that would be necessary. He put the dislodged front tooth back into position and built up the broken front tooth with a composite filling which immediately relieved the discomfort and improved my confidence (and my appearance!) He then began root canal treatment to save 2 of my teeth as the nerves were dying following the trauma, then left them all to settle down before moving on to veneer and 3 crowns that would complete the restoration.

During the whole process my dentist put me at ease, making wax-ups of how the completed work would look and providing me with answers to all my questions (of which there were many!) I chose to have my teeth whitened before being fitted with the temporary crowns & Veneer whilst the porcelain ones were bring made, and I was delighted with the results. Now the work is finished and I’ve come a long way since crying in the dentist chair in Cyprus to grinning broadly at my new smile! With enormous thanks to all at Crook Log Dental Practice.”
Mrs Green

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Jeebun“Due to a tragic accident, I broke my upper front tooth 7 years ago. Despite undergoing numerous bleaching attempts and fitting a composite veneer by my previous dentist, my single front tooth stood out and was starting to discolour.

I registered at Crook Log dental surgery in September 2011, and within a matter of months, I was smiling again. The Dentist examined my tooth and presented me with two options – having a new veneer or crown fitted. My first choice was to have a veneer fitted as I wanted to preserve as much of my natural tooth as possible. Despite the efforts from both the lab tech and the dentist, they couldn’t match the exact colour or shade of my adjacent teeth with the veneer. Although I was slightly disheartened by this, My Dentist reassured me that they would try again, this time using a crown, as they would be able to get a better colour match to my adjacent teeth. He started the crown preparation process and within the space of two weeks my new crown was fitted.

My Dentist and his nurse provided me with an excellent service, honest and professional advice and took great care in ensuring that my tooth looked as natural as possible. I am extremely happy with the result of his work and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a great dentist.”
Miss Jeebun

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Shirley Vaughn1“Having just completed a Smile makeover, as well as some general dentistry, I want to say how delighted I am with the work Dr. Khan has carried out.

In addition to his expertise and professionalism he was always most polite, friendly and considerate, such that I was completely at ease during treatment. The whole atmosphere in his surgery is calm and efficient.

In addition, I’d like to say how impressed I am by the competence and friendliness of the nurses and receptionists.”

Mrs Vaughan

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Campbell A1“I have always been conscious of my front teeth, especially when photos were taken. My teeth were crooked and discolored at the front due to the many fillings, etc over the years. I have a friends wedding coming up in which I have been asked to play an important role and this spurred me on to get something done with my smile.

Dr Khan has corrected the concerns that I had and now I can smile with confidence. The whole process of correcting my smile took around six weeks with several appointments but it was all worth it. I have had a lot of compliments and am very pleased with the result; it was a decision well made.

I would recommend the team at Crook Log and thank them for all the work they carried out on my teeth.”
Mrs Campbell

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Small 3“I had a fixed brace for around 4 years when I was young to correct my teeth. Recently, I started to notice my teeth had tilted causing gaps to appear. I had also noticed that the edges of my teeth had started to wear. This was becoming more noticeable in photos, especially when I smiled, and this made me self conscious.

I discussed this with Dr Khan and we went through the different options available to improve my smile. I wasn’t keen on wearing a brace again and so opted to have veneers.

I was at first dubious about veneers as I have seen sometimes how very fake they look! However Dr Khan assured me he would not make them look that way. I was made temporary veneers first so that we could decide on the shape and length of the teeth.

I then had my final veneers fitted and Dr Khan was true to his word – they look life like and I am very pleased with my new smile!

I am definitely more confident when smiling for photographs and in general. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anybody considering it and recommend Dr Khan and his team very highly. Thank you”
Ms Lynn

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“Being new to the area I had done some research of local dentists that did cosmetic dentistry and I decided to see Dr Baber Khan at Crook Log. Case 12 After 2

At my first appointment I explained I wanted to have a set of veneers on my upper teeth as at 44 they were worn down and chipped. Rather than jump at the opportunity of someone spending thousands I was pleasantly surprised that Dr Khan recommending I preserve as much of my natural teeth as possible rather than having veneers.

It was only after I had had my thorough checkup that we agreed to do the veneers as I had many white fillings on the front if my teeth that were not noticeable until he did my check up.The level of care and attentiveness I received was of the level I would expect from a Harley St dental practice, and the dental technician who would be making my veneers, came to an appointment to study what results we wanted (I have a uneven smile called a ‘cant’ which makes the veneers a little trickier to perfect).

I am so pleased to have gone to Crook Log and recommend it highly. I have seen so many bad dentists over the years and I have finally found one I will stay at.”

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Bennet“I had veneers fitted on my front teeth a good few years ago, but they’d become very discoloured, and then one broke. I therefore decided to take the plunge and have them replaced.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Khan for many years and he gave me very helpful advice on the options available – in terms of aesthetics: the shape, size and colour that would suit me, and price plans. From my initial consultation the process took about six weeks, with regular check ups along the way.

I now have my new veneers and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result! They are slightly larger than my original teeth, as Dr Khan had advised that this creates a more youthful appearance (a bonus!). I’ve received many compliments over the last few weeks, and now wish I’d had the veneers done years ago. Thank you Dr Khan for your care and attention to detail.”
Mrs. Bennett

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Lynn“I recently had root canal treatment on my front tooth as well as having it crowned. I am really pleased with my dentists work, as my front tooth was very crooked, he has done a marvellous job of straightening it.”
Miss Lynn

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Clifford“I have been Dr Chawich’s patient for about 10 years and have always had excellent treatment from him. Both routine maintenance and some complex treatments have been carried out with great skill and efficiency. He has given me some excellent composite veneers which I am very pleased with as they look very natural. I would highly recommend him as a dentist.”
Hilary Clifford

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Mitchell“Having seen the results of my wife’s veneers I decided to book an
 appointment with Dr Khan.

From the initial consultation through to the treatment, aftercare and
 final result I could not have been more pleased!

From somebody who has always been anxious about undergoing the most 
basic dental treatment I could not recommend Dr Khan’s services 
enough. It has truly transformed my smile and outer confidence!”
Mark Mitchell

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Mrs Mitchell“I was very self-conscious about my crooked front teeth even after 
having them whitened so decided to go ahead with having some veneers
and felt confident that I was in safe hands with Dr Khan!

Whilst the treatment meant some lengthy appointments spent sitting in
the chair there was very little discomfort as Dr Khan was always
 concerned for my well-being.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Khan as I am absolutely
 delighted with the results and am often complimented on my smile!”
Tamsin Mitchell

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Nunn“At the age of 76, my few remaining upper teeth became insufficient and eating a normal diet more difficult. The drawbacks of using traditional dentures meant they were not attractive to me, so after discussion with Dr Chawich I agreed to have an upper set of implanted dentures.

The processes were fully explained with many illustrations of previous operations, and were duly performed over about 9 months from insertion of 5 implants to final fitting of the upper denture.

At all times, I was very impressed by the case provided by my dentist and his assistants and the detailed guidance following surgical procedures. I was pleasantly surprised that the drilling of the implants was completely painless.

I am very pleased with the result of my treatment, the denture feels very firm and natural, I can now eat a normal diet, my appearance has obviously improved and can confidently laugh and smile.

It has made a big difference to me and I would certainly recommend this treatment by Dr Chawich to anyone in a similar position who is considering Dental Implants.”
David Nunn

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Frosdick“When I originally went to Dr Khan I had an upper plate that was broken, which had already been repaired twice before by my previous dentist. Dr Khan advised that I really needed a new metal plate but that I also had a number of other issues with both my upper and lower teeth that would need to be addressed if I was to have a metal plate. I was also becoming increasingly aware of my ‘smile’ that was showing the difference in colour and size of my original crowns plus some receeding of my gums, making me feel that I couldn’t smile confidently.

Dr Khan put together a treatment plan that outlined each appointment, what was required and the cost. The plan was to replace my crowns, making them slighter longer than before, build up my lower teeth with a composite and replace the plate with a metal one – this would give a more youthful look and give stability for my teeth.

The appointments took place over a number of months and, apart from a few issues with my tempoary crowns, everything went smoothly. I received excellent treatment throughout with Dr Khan explaining everything to me and answering my numerous questions.

I can now smile with confidence, friends and family say how different I look – ‘there’s something about you, have you changed your hair?’ No one had realised until I told them it was my teeth!

Over the months I have got to know the staff very well, all of whom are extremely friendly, helpful but professional. The rooms are always spotlessly clean and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others – in fact I already have!”
Mrs Diane Frosdick

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Geoghan“I had my teeth whitened by laser and home moulds and also had a crown fitted to the front.

I am extremely happy with the result. I am a nervous patient the dentist was very patient and understanding, would thoroughly recommend this treatment.”
Mrs Geoghegan

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