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CEREC Same-day Crowns

No more impressions, temporary crowns or extra appointments!

At Crook Log Dental Practice we know your time is valuable so we now offer while-you-wait Crowns, Inlays (porcelain fillings) and Onlays. No impressions needed, no temporary crowns required enabling an all-in-one appointment!

CEREC utilises the latest manufacturing technologies to create your metal-free Crown, Inlay or Onlay using only a 3D photo of your tooth. Perfectly fitting, tooth coloured (white) porcelain restorations are produced straight away in the dental surgery; there’s no longer a need to send impressions to a dental laboratory and fit the restoration a week later.

From start to finish in one appointment, with no compromise on quality or longevity, CEREC restorations offer the ultimate combination of speed, quality and natural looking restorations.

For more information about CEREC, Call our reception team on 020 8303 3838 to make an appointment with one of our dentists who will be happy to discuss further.

Cad Cam Technology

Dentist Shows Design Of Restoration
CEREC MC XL Premium Package

The process is effectively simple and includes taking a digital scan of the tooth and from this designing the dental restoration and finally seeing this being made by the ‘milling’ process right here at our surgery!

Step one : SCAN– A camera is used to take high quality images of your teeth/tooth after they have been prepared.  This stage replaces taking traditional moulds of the teeth. It

is fast, painless and precise.

Step two: DESIGN– At this point we are able to make cosmetic adjustments to your restoration, providing a Crown/Inlay or Onlay that is functional, comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Step three: MILL (manufacture) – The advanced milling machine produces the restoration within 20 minutes in the surgery. This sophisticated machine works to within 50 microns. The resulting restoration is often indistinguishable from natural tooth material.

Step four: CEMENTATION – Your dentist is able to cement in your new restoration on the same day, negating the need for temporary fillings and second visits!