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Dental Implants in Kent

27 / 03 / 2023

Missing tooth and embarrassed about your smile?


Don’t worry you are not alone. Almost three-quarters of Brits are without their full set of natural teeth and 6% of us have none left at all!

The most common missing teeth are wisdom teeth, upper lateral incisors, and second premolars/bicuspids. But no one should feel embarrassed about their smile. Take a few minutes to let our dental practice based in Bexleyheath, Kent explains how we can fill that space with a dental implant!

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a titanium post that is used to replace the loss of a natural tooth.

Implants are a fixed alternative to removable dentures and can be used to replace a single tooth or several teeth. A medical-grade titanium post is surgically implanted into the bone during a procedure with our Implantologist. After the implant has healed, a crown, bridge, or denture, made to look as natural as your other teeth, is placed on the new implant post and your new smile is complete. Implants have the same appearance and function as natural teeth.


What Can Cause Tooth Loss?

Old Age

As we age, our bone density declines and this may cause your teeth to loosen and eventually lead to tooth loss. Although many patients go well into their 80s and 90s who still have their natural teeth!

Existing Health Conditions and Medication

Long-term medications and health conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, cancer, lupus, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, drug addiction, eating disorders, and diabetes can often lead to eventual tooth loss as these medications slowly reduce bone density over time. The bone supports the roots of the tooth and holds it in place. Without this support, the tooth becomes loose and will ultimately be lost.


Smoking is not good for our health in general and is a contributing factor to mouth cancer. Cigarette smoke and its toxins can rot gum and bone health until it’s destroyed leaving patients with loose teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene

The most common reason for tooth loss that we see at Crook Log Dental Practice is gum disease. Patients who have neglected to come and see our dentists for regular check-ups and attend hygiene appointments with our wonderful hygienists are at high risk of tooth loss.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay (dental caries) happens when decay-causing bacteria in your mouth make acids that attack the tooth’s surface or enamel. This initially starts as a small hole in the tooth called a cavity. If tooth decay is left untreated this will eventually result in extraction and tooth loss.

Why Are Dental Implants Used?

Dental implants are routinely used to replace a missing tooth in the mouth. Dental implants, which are the closest thing to a tooth, can be used to replace removable dentures. An implant does not rely on neighbouring teeth for support, unlike a dental bridge. A bridge requires its neighbouring tooth to be drilled and prepared to support the new tooth that fills the gap. An Implant doesn’t affect any of the neighbouring or opposing teeth. If you would like more information on bridges, please click this link


Will the Implant Need To Be Cleaned Like a Natural Tooth?

Yes. Aftercare is critical for an exemplary, long-lasting implant. You must follow the care recommendations provided by your dentists and hygiene team at Crook Log Dental Practice. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the future failure of a dental implant. Cleaning around implanted teeth is no more difficult than cleaning natural teeth. You may require more regular hygienist visits. However, your dentist can advise you on this.

What Dental Implant Solutions Do You Provide?

At Crook Log Dental Practice we provide a wide range of implant restorations:

All-on-Four/All-on-Six Same-Day Teeth

These implants are used to replace a group of teeth or all of the teeth in an arch. Treatments are often finished on the same day and are available for use right away. The All-on-Four/All-on-Six therapy offers numerous advantages, including eliminating the requirement for bone grafting, quicker healing, and a greater success rate in treating entire arches.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For those accustomed to dentures but prefer more stability, implant-retained dentures might be a great option. Implants are linked to dentures via implant-retained dentures, which function similarly to a pop button in that they keep the dentures in place as you go about your everyday activities. These implants are particularly beneficial to dentures with low suction and retention.

Single Tooth Implants

These implants are used to replace a single lost tooth. Patients who do not want to use a bridge or denture to replace a lost tooth may benefit from a single-tooth implant. If neighbouring teeth are lost in the future, the implant can be supplemented without requiring additional surgery.


The Thought of Having an Implant Procedure Terrifies Me!

Our Implantologist at Crook Log Dental Practice has over 30 years of experience in dentistry, including working in oral and Maxillofacial Surgery departments in London and Kent. We treat all of our patients at Crook Log with kindness and conscientiousness, whether they have dental fear or not. We focus on providing a calm environment and treatment/advice in a non-judgmental way. Because you are the one leading the way, your dental team will give thorough guidance through your treatments with compassion and patience. Your clinician and dental nurse will learn and comprehend precisely what you require to make your experience as pleasant as possible throughout your treatment.


If you are worried about having treatment, we can also provide sedation (oral and intravenous) to treat nervous patients. Please visit for more information.


Is Everyone Suitable for an Implant?

You will initially attend an implant consultation where our implantologist will run through your medical history to ensure you are a viable candidate for implant treatment. Depending on certain medications you take, an implant may not be suitable for you. At this initial appointment, the implantologist at our kent based practice will also take some measurements of your gums to ensure you have no active gum/periodontal disease and check you are dentally fit.

We also highly recommend quitting smoking before your implant consultation if you are a smoker. Smoking can adversely affect the success of your implants. The only way to determine if there is enough bone present to perform the surgery is by taking a CBCT scan which produces a 3D model of different densities of tissue. By using the 3D maps of density with surgical planning software, we can see the jaw from a lot of angles and look at the higher-density areas of bone and plan implants accordingly.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Bone?

When placing the implant, the implantologist can perform a bone graft during the same surgery. The graft material creates a scaffold for your jaw bone to grow into. This artificial bone comes from bovine (cattle) bone, which has been sterilised and treated to make it safe for use as a bone substitute in humans.

If you want to have an implant in the upper jaw, you’ll need sinus lifting, which involves making an incision in the roof of the mouth to access the front of the sinuses and place a bone graft, increasing the mass in that area.


Benefits of a Dental Implant

Natural Smile

Dental implant crowns, bridges, and dentures are made to look as natural as your existing teeth. Your implantologist will work with you to design restorations that match the colour of your surrounding teeth and fit perfectly in the gap. No one but you and your dentist will know which teeth are implants.

Enables Natural Speech

Some tooth replacement options such as dentures can impact your ability to pronounce words correctly and can sometimes affect your speech. Missing teeth, gaps, and dentures can also cause a lisp. A dental implant has the same function as your natural tooth thus eliminating this issue.

Restores Natural Bite

The dentist anchors dental implants into your jaw using a titanium screw that replaces the tooth root. The implant allows you to bite with more or less the same amount of force you would usually use with your natural teeth.

Decay Free

Although restorations still require a good oral hygiene routine to prevent bacterial buildup, dental implants made of non-decaying material do not decay. You’ll never have to worry about getting cavities in your dental implants!

Easy to Clean

Because an implant resembles a natural tooth, you can brush, floss, and interdental clean like you normally would.

No Embarrassing Movement

Patients with dentures sometimes feel self-conscious about speaking, laughing, or eating in public with dentures as they can visibly shift or slip inside your mouth. The dental implants firmly anchor in place and will never embarrass you.

Supports Adjacent Teeth

A gap in your mouth caused by a missing tooth can cause the teeth on either side of the gap to ‘drift’ leading to misalignment. Dental implants fill the gap, allowing you to maintain a straight, even smile.

No Regular Replacement

Bridges and dentures require replacement or repair after a certain length of time, but you can expect dental implants to last for years, provided that you care for and look after them!


How Do I Book an Appointment?

If you would like further information about Dental Implants at our Bexleyheath-based dental practice and would like to book a FREE zoom consultation with our treatment care coordinator, please call our team on 020 8303 3838 who can book a date and time suitable for you.

Alternatively, you can book online via our online booking system


We look forward to seeing you!

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