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Case 10 – Minimal Preparation Veneers

“I had a fixed brace for around 4 years when I was young to correct my teeth. Recently, I started to notice my teeth had tilted causing gaps to appear. I had also noticed that the edges of my teeth had started to wear. This was becoming more noticeable in photos, especially when I smiled, and this made me self conscious.

I discussed this with Dr Khan and we went through the different options available to improve my smile. I wasn’t keen on wearing a brace again and so opted to have veneers.

I was at first dubious about veneers as I have seen sometimes how very fake they look! However Dr Khan assured me he would not make them look that way. I was made temporary veneers first so that we could decide on the shape and length of the teeth.

I then had my final veneers fitted and Dr Khan was true to his word – they look life like and I am very pleased with my new smile!

I am definitely more confident when smiling for photographs and in general. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anybody considering it and recommend Dr Khan and his team very highly. Thank you”

Ms Lynn

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