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Interdental cleaning and why it is important! - July 24, 2019 by crooklog

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At Crook log in Bexleyheath, we recommend that patients see our hygienists regularly. This is because it is a preventative measure against gum disease!

Everyone has gaps between their teeth, even if your teeth are perfectly aligned. These little gaps allow harmful bacteria to grow. If this bacteria is not manually removed by floss or an interdental brush then it calcifies and becomes hard, meaning you unable to remove it yourself and has to be removed by either a dentist or hygienist.

The primary cause of periodontal disease is plaque. The longer the plaque is left there, the more harmful it is. If it isn’t removed by a toothbrush or a tepe brush, the bacteria starts to release biochemicals that irritate the gums. blog 1

Interdental brushes (tepe brushes) come in all different sizes. Because we all have different sized gaps. Interdental brushes are hugely beneficial to everyone, including people who do and do not have gum disease.

Many people don’t know, but plaque and calculus can also give off bad breath.

The irritation of the gums will eventually cause the breakdown of tissues and bone loss. Bone loss causes looseness of the teeth which will lead too extractions. .If you are unsure on how to use floss or a tepe – or are not sure what size tepe you will need, come in and see our hygienist or dentist!

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