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It’s never too late to quit smoking!

15 / 05 / 2014

3 myths about smoking you should know about:

1st: Smoking only harms the respiratory system

Fact: Yes it is known that smoking causes 80% of all deaths from lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema. Additionally it also affects other cancers including bladder, stomach, mouth, kidney and liver, as well as heart disease and stroke.

A smoker’s estimated risk of getting a heart attack is up to five times greater than a non-smoker, and the risk of a stroke is six times higher. On top, smoking puts an individual at an increased risk of low bone density.

2nd: Electronic cigarettes are a safer option

Fact: Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are made to feel and look like real cigarettes but have been marked as a safer option as they have nicotine but without the tobacco. The safety of the e-cigarettes has not been scientifically demonstrated or how and if they are effective on helping people quit smoking. It is best to consult a health professional if you need help quitting. Talk to one of our dentists at our Bexleyheath practice for smoking cessation.

3rd: I’ve been smoking for years, there’s no point giving it up now

Fact: The health benefits are only felt once the individual quits smoking. It is not dependant on their age or how long the person has been smoking. If someone quits when they are 60 they will add 3 years to their life expectancy. If a person quits before the age of 30 than 10 years extra can be added onto their life. The person’s risk of a heart attack will be half of that of a smoker. 15 years on from having quit smoking the person will be at no greater risk of a heart attack than someone who has never smoked.

The benefits include a brighter and healthy smile! For any help or advice speak to one of our dental professionals at our Bexleyheath practice.

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