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Adult Braces Orthodontics in Bexleyheath, Kent

Never too late for teeth straightening with adult braces

An increasing amount of adults are seeking adult orthodontics treatment for crooked teeth or spaces between the teeth. A straighter smile can have a dramatic effect on confidence. Often the reasons for taking up treatment are cosmetic, but jaw problems, excessive wear, or hygiene problems can be addressed with orthodontic treatment.

Whatever the reason for your teeth straightening needs, Crook Log Dental Practice is able to provide the solutions from a variety of treatments to suit every smile, budget, time frame and expectation.

Orthodontic treatment entails moving the teeth within the jaw bone to straighten them and help them to bite more evenly together. Yes, this provides a more aesthetically pleasing straighter smile, but in a lot of cases, the result is a noted difference in how the teeth work when chewing or resting.

At Crook Log Dental Practice, we offer adult orthodontics through the treatments below. If you would like to find out more about adult orthodontics and clear braces give our practice a call on 020 8303 3838.

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Inman Aligner™


More suited to those with crooked front teeth, this treatment offers a solution in a matter of weeks. Inman Aligners are less expensive than some options, but may not be suitable for more extensive straightening requirements

Six Month Smiles®


As the name suggests, this six-month treatment uses clear braces and tooth coloured wires which are barely visible. With progressive movement over time-frame, patients experience great results in a gentle manner.

Clear Aligners

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Our Clear Aligner treatment offers a very high-tech manufactured process to make a series of removable clear plastic aligners which makes them almost invisible.


Invisalign Header

This orthodontic treatment technique uses almost invisible aligners to straighten crooked or gappy teeth. These clear aligners are a great option for adults and teenagers who may feel embarrassed about wearing noticeable metal braces. As they have no brackets or wires, the aligners are comfortable and can be taken out for short periods, meaning you can keep your teeth clean and eat whatever you choose.

The Invisalign® system uses 3D technology to take pictures and impressions of your teeth and record other information that enables a series of custom-made aligners to be produced. Each slightly different aligner is worn for around two weeks and gradually moves your teeth to a new position.

Usually, the straightening process takes 6-12 months but you will have to wear a retainer after treatment to keep your teeth in their new position.