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Dr Rahul Kalia

Associate Dentist

GDC No 284881

BDS BSc (Hons)

Dr Kalia qualified as a dentist with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Birmingham in 2019. During the course of this degree, he also intercalated at King’s College London to graduate with a first class Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management.

Rahul joined us at Crook Log Dental Practice in 2021. Rahul aims to understand his patients’ concerns and practise holistically by putting his patients’ needs and wellbeing at the centre of their care. His calm, gentle and compassionate approach helps to put even the most nervous of patients at ease. He enjoys helping to restore teeth in the least damaging way, whilst still helping to make the teeth look as natural as possible.

He has gained extra postgraduate training in general restorative & aesthetic dentistry taught by world-renowned Dr Chris Orr. Rahul has special skills in treating even the most nervous of patients who haven’t been to a dentist in many years. He is also able to provide Invisalign treatment and offers implant solutions to replace missing teeth. Rahul is an early adopter of digital dentistry by using photography and his Trios digital scanner to take 3D digital scans of his patients’ teeth. These can be used as a visual tool to communicate with his patients, monitor changes over time and saves needing to take uncomfortable traditional moulds of the teeth. In Aesthetic dentistry, Rahul has a particular interest in using composite edge bonding after the straightening of teeth to provide minimally-invasive, natural-looking, functionally-best, long-lasting results. He also has a keen interest in using ceramic veneers for the best aesthetic results.

Over the last few years, Rahul has published multiple articles in renowned journals, including the British Dental Journal. He has presented at conferences, including at the University of Melbourne. He has also been a representative of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the past. Rahul was awarded the NHS Edward Jenner Award in Leadership Foundation in 2020.

Outside of dentistry, Rahul enjoys exploring new places with his camera and reading non-fiction books. You can view some of his photography shots on Instagram at @rahul.pixels. Cricket, tennis and Formula 1 are his favourite sports. Rahul has engaged in many volunteering programmes, both local and abroad. Running, meditation and going to the gym allows him to maintain his own wellbeing.

Availability: Monday morning, Tuesdays until late, Thursdays until late and 1 Saturday a month.

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