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Your dentist may often treat tooth decay with a simple filling. Still, if your dentist detects that the root canal is compromised, you may require root canal therapy.

What is root canal treatment?

The nerve of a tooth may be compromised if it is decaying, broken, or damaged. If this is not treated, an abscess will most likely occur.

If an abscess is not treated as soon as reasonably practicable, it can cause extreme discomfort, tooth loss, and sinus infections.

Root canal therapy cleans and seals the canals to avoid reinfection and provide long-term relief.

Why might I need Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is suggested by various symptoms, including tooth darkening after trauma, acute discomfort from an infection, or a failing nerve.

When you see the dentist, various diagnostic tests and x-rays will be done to determine whether root canal treatment is required. During your appointment, Your dentist will fully inform you about all treatment choices and procedures.

What does root canal treatment involve?

This standard procedure usually necessitates two to three treatment sessions.

The initial step is to clean and shape the root canals within the tooth to eliminate germs and decay, followed by applying an antibiotic dressing and a temporary filling.

After an appropriate time has passed, the affected tooth will require a second visit to be treated with a permanent filling, onlay, or crown.

Most people feel considerable improvement after their first appointment.

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