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What Is National Smile Month And Why Should You Care?

09 / 06 / 2022

National Smile Month 2022

Here at our mixed NHS and Private Bexleyheath dental practice, we are proud to be supporting National Smile Month.

#NSM2022 is all about shining a light on inequalities within oral health and at Crook Log Dental Practice we strongly agree everyone should have the chance to have a happy healthy smile.

Millions of people each year are affected by oral health problems.  Oral diseases can leave you in extreme pain and affect your quality of life.  Sadly, oral diseases may also be life-threatening.

Oral health inequalities affect lots of different people and groups within society.  Your age, wealth, level of education and where you live can all determine how healthy, or unhealthy, your mouth might be.

Inequalities are often preventable.  They are also unfair and unjust.

In the UK, oral health inequalities can lead to a greater risk of:

  • Oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Tooth loss and tooth extractions.
  • Mouth cancer.
  • Dental phobias and anxiety.
  • Less access to frontline care and support services.

During National Smile Month, Crook Log Dental Practice want to help patients in Bexleyheath and Kent achieve a healthier life through better oral health.

We are a mixed NHS and Private practice. We offer private treatment and 0% interest free finance plans up to 12 months.

Crook Log Dental practice have a fantastic team of Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Nurses, Oral surgeons and an Orthodontist at our Bexleyheath practice to ensure all your dental needs are covered in house.

We are helping to promote good oral health as part of Smile month. Because a healthy mouth matters #Smile #SmileMonth

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