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Your Dream Smile This Christmas

13 / 12 / 2022

Something to smile about this festive season in Crook Log, Kent

As the days get darker and the air becomes chillier in Kent, it can mean only one thing, the holidays are coming!

Crook Log Christmas Gathering

Christmas and the month of December are full of social events, celebrations with friends, and family gatherings, so why not let Crook Log Dental Practice give you your dream smile?

Camera phones and flashing cameras are constantly clicking away at these events, and you don’t want to let your smile hold you back from making unforgettable memories.


So, if you want to refresh your smile for this festive season, here are some options we provide at your local Bexleyheath practice;


Tooth whiteningCrook Log Christmas Smile


Embarrassed about your discoloured teeth? You are not alone. According to a new survey, forty per cent of the UK population are unhappy with their smile, with nearly half planning to undergo cosmetic dental work.

Discolouration and staining can occur for various reasons. Crook Log Dental Practice happily provides teeth-whitening with different dental treatments to suit all needs.

Whitening is the procedure of lightening the discolouration on your teeth.

It is commonly used in cosmetic dentistry and as part of smile makeover treatments.

It uses chemicals to eliminate the staining agent. When performed under the professionals’ guidance, it is a safe procedure. Treatment outcomes are typically determined by the degree of discolouration.

Whitening, however, is not effective on dental restorations such as amalgam fillings, metal or porcelain crowns, etc.

Click here for more information on tooth whitening: Teeth Whitening Bexleyheath | Brighter Smile Kent | Crook Log Dental (


Crook Log Christmas CompositeComposite bonding

Makeover your smile in an instant with composite bonding. Our professional dental team are happy to assist you in boosting your confidence in your smile.

Composite bonding is a very modest dental technique that can be used to remodel your smile. A tooth-coloured composite resin material is easily bonded and blended to your natural teeth to modify the form, shade, or colour of your teeth to produce an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Composite bonding is an excellent method for concealing dental surface damage, chips, fractures, broken teeth, and mild tooth misalignment. Where possible, we will provide a “mock-up” during your consultation so that you can see the potential finished product.

Composite bonding, in general, necessitates less healthy dental tissue removal. Consequently, it is preferred and can be completed in one session for your convenience. As composite is added to the teeth during this procedure, there’s often no need for drilling or removal of your natural tooth.


What can composite bonding do for my smile?

Composite bonding is a versatile procedure that can be used in various situations.

It can be used to:

  • Repair any minor damage to teeth (chips and cracks)
  • Fill gaps between teeth. For example, if you want to have a gap between your front teeth narrowed or closed
  • Reshape uneven edges of teeth
  • Fix tooth discolouration
  • To replace amalgam (metal) fillings


What are the benefits?

Composite bonding can transform your smile in as little as a single visit to your dentist. An instant smile makeover!


Composite bonding is also a much more affordable and less time-consuming option compared to treatments such as veneers. It doesn’t damage your natural smile, unlike the placement of dental crowns.

Combining composite bonding treatment with tooth whitening can often achieve a smile that looks completely different but still beautifully natural!


How long does it last?

Much like your natural teeth, composite is subject to wear and tear over time. Usually, composite bonding will last for 5 to 7 years, depending on factors such as your diet and certain habits and behaviours.

For example, if you often eat hard foods or clench and grind your teeth in your sleep, it’s reasonable to expect composite bonding to need attention a little sooner.

However, the plus side of this is that composite bonding is easy to repair and replace when necessary!

Click here for more information; Composite Bonding Bexleyheath | Crook Log Dental Practice, Kent



Veneerscrook log christmas shade

What are veneers?


Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-coloured materials designed to cover the front side of teeth to improve the overall appearance of teeth.

They are made of either thin composite resin or porcelain and can be placed to:

  • Correct poorly formed or mildly mal-positioned teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Mask internal stains
  • Restore partially broken-down teeth


Tooth preparation is minimal, conservative, and confined to the enamel of your natural teeth. The veneer is bonded to the tooth structure with tooth-coloured resin cement. Unlike composite bonding, which can be completed in one visit, several visits are necessary to complete veneer treatment.


Patients should be aware that this is usually irreversible because removing a small amount of enamel from your teeth is necessary to accommodate the shell.

Veneers typically last up to 10 years for enduring, beautiful results.


Composite Fillings


At Crook Log Dental Practice, we recognise the importance of aesthetics as part of our commitment to producing healthier smiles for our wonderful patients of Bexleyheath, Kent. We use composite technology to replace silver fillings with a tooth-coloured composite to brighten the smile line and offer you a sparkling, healthy smile.


What are white fillings?


White fillings are made using dental composite and resins. Although they are known as white fillings, they are available in various tooth colours and tints. Your dental team carefully blends the colour of the composite with the colour of your natural teeth.


Fillings are applied in cavities that have been meticulously prepped, and any damage or decay cleared. This technique removes damaged tooth tissue and repairs the surface to prevent further bacterial infection.


We apply the filling in layers in the colour you have chosen, which will be cured with a blue light. A polish and bite check is needed for a nice bright finish.


Why should I consider white fillings?


The majority of us will need fillings at some point in our life. Most people choose white fillings because they are virtually invisible, allowing them to smile and speak with confidence.

They are more cosmetically appealing than silver amalgam fillings and need less healthy tooth tissue to be removed during treatment, therefore being less destructive.


Is white filling material as effective as silver (amalgam) filling material?


Because of the materials utilised, white fillings are now on par with amalgam fillings and should last as long with the added advantage of being more conservative of tooth structure.


Although numerous factors affect longevity, a white filling can last up to ten years without destructive habits and trauma.

Crook Log Christmas Cheer

Patient reviews:


Dr Kakal Tutt created a dental plan involving teeth whitening and some work “tidying” my front teeth (composite bonding). I was very impressed from start to finish with her professionalism and welcoming attitude. Her work was flawless, and I felt very comfortable. Thank you very much.

– John C


I recently had the pleasure of having my teeth whitened and the top front 6 teeth composite bonded by Dr Rahul Kalia.

After contemplating it for many years, I finally got round to discussing it with Dr Kalia. He was extremely professional and reassuring in terms of advising me on the desired look and outcome I was after.

The whole procedure from start to finish was seamless, and I felt very relaxed, thanks to Rahul and his team’s friendly nature.

I am so happy with the end results and would highly Dr Kalia and the team at Crook Log Dental Practice.


– Frederique Thomas


To read more google reviews, please visit here


I’d love my dream smile for Christmas; how do I book in?


We have a fantastic team of dentists and hygienists at our Bexley heath-based practice to cater to all your oral hygiene and cosmetic needs.


Call our reception team on 020 8303 3838 to book!


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