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Missing Teeth – What are my options

01 / 07 / 2024

Missing teeth and you

Make 2024 the year that you do something amazing for yourself!

Many state that the first thing people notice, when they meet new people, is their smile…

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, it can severely affect your confidence.  You may cover your mouth to hide your teeth when you speak, laugh, or even smile in photos.

Crook Log Dental Practice have the treatment option that is right for you!

Whether it’s a fixed or removable replacement, our team will help ensure the result is all you wanted and more.

Whatever the reason behind your missing teeth/tooth, we will work with you improve your confidence by improving your smile.  Our Clinicians will create a bespoke treatment plan, to restore your teeth and improve or maintain your oral health, so that you can enjoy your new smile for many years to come.

[hidden smile] [hide teeth] [missing]

What are the options?

Bridges to replace your missing teeth

[bridge before and after] [teeth]What is a Bridge?

A Bridge is a fixed restoration option.  The fantastic result in this before and after photo was achieved by Dr Baber Khan, using a Resin Bonded Bridge.

It is a simple way to replace a missing tooth, without having to prepare the adjacent teeth and it is fixed in place.

There are other bridge options to consider, depending on the health and presence of teeth either side of the space you wish to restore.

  • Cantilever Bridges, restore a gap with a false tooth that is supported by a crowned tooth on one side of it.
  • Traditional Bridges, restore a gap with a false tooth which is supported by a crowned tooth on either side it.

For further information please visit

Dentures to replace your missing teeth

[Denture] [replace teeth] missing

What are Dentures?

Dentures are available to either replace one or several teeth.

  • Partial Denture – Will replace some missing teeth
  • Full Denture – Will replace all missing teeth (upper and/or lower teeth)

Dentures are removable and are available in acrylic (plastic) or Chrome (metal) variations.

The Denture making process is carried out over several stages to:

  • Take accurate measurements of your remaining teeth/mouth,
  • Gauge how you bite
  • Get a natural looking result

Dental Implants to replace your missing teeth

[option] [missing teeth]What are Dental Implants?

A Dental Implant is a long-term , surgical option for replacing a missing tooth, several teeth or for replacing all of your teeth.

We offer single teeth options, or to restore more teeth, we offer implant retained dentures.

Our Specialist Prosthodontist Dr Chawich, will:

      • Asses you to determine if you are suitable for implant treatment
  • Take a CBCT in-house
  • Create a treatment plan for you
  • Answer your questions

An implant is a titanium screw inserted into your jawbone, with a false tooth or ‘crown’ placed on top.

To find out more about Implants and how they can help restore your smile go to

Keeping your new teeth healthy

Maintaining a healthy mouth when you have a gap restored, means that you will benefit from the treatment for many years to come and avoid dental issues in the future.  It is important that you commit to a regular routine including:

missing teeth healthy clean teeth hygienist

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Cleaning in-between your teeth, with floss or inter-dental brushes
  • Minimise sugary drinks and foods in your diet
  • Visit your Dentist regularly
  • Visit your Hygienist regularly
  • Clean your removable appliance regularly



Our wonderful Hygienist team will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, removing stubborn deposits and enabling you to clean between your teeth. For more information on how our fabulous team will help you, please visit

Finance options available

If concerns around cost stop you seeking the smile you have always wanted, we have the finance options for you (subject to status).  Yet another benefit of Crook Log Dental Practice, is that we are FCA registered, meaning we can offer interest free finance options over terms of up to 18 months.

new job missing teeth denture

A New Smile and a New You!

A great new smile could change your life, giving you the confidence to go for that new job, to speak confidently in public and could even improve your personal relationships.

To find out what our team can do to help you restore your teeth and boost your confidence, book an appointment here

Our team at Crook Log Dental Practice, Bexleyheath, have the expertise to exceed your expectations and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Don’t just take our word for it…  Here are a few words of appreciation from our patients

I had a very positive experience with Crook log Dental Practice. I went in a little embarrassed but wanting to finally have a thorough checkup and address some issues with my teeth that I have been putting off too long. Doctor Kajal Tutt was very understanding, she told me what I needed to hear without making me feel judged and talked me through all my options in detail. Big thumbs up from me. Also for the ladies at Reception, very nice overall experience. A Geissler

On Friday evening, my sister experienced an incident resulting in trauma and blunt force to her front teeth. For any young woman, this is incredibly distressing to see missing or broken teeth. The thought of needing dentures at just 22 is daunting. I called Crook Log Dental Practice for an emergency appointment, and they scheduled us in immediately for Saturday. The dentist assessed the situation promptly, providing temporary solutions and discussing future options. We returned later for further treatment. Dr. Khan’s swift action and reassurance have given my sister hope and gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Khan. G Cook

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